God Exists- A Logical Proof

God Exists- A Logical Proof

The atheism that permeates our culture is baseless & irrational.  

Isn't it funny that the people that claim that doesn't exist are the same people that claim they believe in logic & reason? They don't. They're just following the crowd and parroting the dominant belief around them. If you subject the question of God's existence to logic, the reality that God exists is inescapable.

If you have a basket with 100 balls in it, can you produce 101 balls from that basket? It's impossible. Something can not be greater than that which it came from. You can produce something from nothing. Everything that exists around has to come from something greater than it.

Everything around us comes to an end. Every living thing will die. Civilizations wither and disappear into the ages. Even the sun will die and implode one day. All that ends has to come from that which doesn't end. The finite is necessarily preceded by the infinite.

The existence of God is a logical necessity. Every effect has a cause. Every creation has a creator. If you take the chain of cause and effect all the way to the first instance, there has to be an uncaused cause or, as Aristotle put it, an unmoved mover. I used to love to ask the question of who created God; on first inspection, the question sounds clever, but it leads nowhere. If something created god, what created that something, and then what created that something, and then what created that something, and....so on into infinity. At a certain point, something had to precede everything. That first thing that's God.

Our modern conception of science is a narrow one. Today believing in science means dismissing god's existence, but this was never a distinction made before. The giants that gifted us with science were profound believers in God. Sir Isaac Newton, Maimonides, Avicenna, I could go on and on. If you accept the Big Bang as the cause, isn't it worth considering what caused it?