Open your eyes, America. Islam is salvation

Consider the meaning of the word Islam; it simply means Submission to God. Imagine that, One Nation Under God. Sound Familiar?

Open your eyes, America. Islam is salvation

For the past 22 years, everything you've learned about Muslims has been propaganda from people who are terrified that you might see the light. Muslims are terrorists, they're backward, they hate women, they hate democracy, they're here to invade your country, they're going to start cutting hands off, they're bombing Israel, and guess what, boys and girls, you're next. This isn't new; it's been happening since the Muslims toppled Rome. It happened during the Crusades, and you and I have been living in it for decades now. But throughout Western history, the independent thinkers, many of them the greatest minds of the age, saw what Islam truly was. Goethe, Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Carlyle, Leo Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, and the list goes on.

For a moment, I want you to imagine a scenario. The Eskimo people in northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and eastern Siberia band together, and ten years after uniting, they are able to conquer & subjugate the United States, & Europe. Fantasyland right? Well, that's basically what happened 1400 years ago when the illiterate and uncivilized Arabs banded together and overthrew the great empires of the day, first the Roman Empire & then the Persian. How did they do it? I will tell you how.

Pay Attention

Do you know what the most valuable resource in the world is? Human Attention. Human attention concentrated upon anything yields results. It is Human Attention that transforms crude oil to fuel, iron ore to steel beams & piles of lumber into a home. Human attention, when focused, transforms ideas into reality.

When we focus our attention, our environments become a product of us. But the converse is also true. Unfocused and scattered attention means we become products of our environment.

Properly focused Human Attention changes the world and builds empires. Understanding the importance of Attention will inevitably lead one to ponder what they should focus on. This is why young people agonize over what they will be when they grow up; they realize that what they focus on will become their lives.

In a finite world where we all know we will die and all sense that we have intrinsic worth, there is a deep hunger to do what is worthwhile. Once we understand the value of our attention, it is a small logical leap to decide that we should focus our most valuable resource on the most important thing.

What is the most important thing, you may ask? Throughout history, the greatest minds have chewed on this question, and the same answer has inevitably emerged. Not money that runs out or even life that ends. It is God, which everything comes from, and everything returns to.


How many things can you focus on? The answer is one. Countless studies have proven that multitasking just doesn't work. It is no surprise then that Monotheism took over the world. Consider if you will two people in competition, one person who has one aim and another who has many different aims. Who wins? The answer is clear. The person with one aim will win every time. Is it any surprise that the gravest sin for Muslims, Jews & Christians is to associate partners with God?

The conquests and achievements of the Monotheistic world absolutely dwarf the achievements of the paganistic. The monotheistic worldview, which held that there is one truth, arguably set the stage for the scientific revolution that sought out singular truths. When the most important thing is given your attention, everything works out - this is what prioritization is. When God sits above all, morality is established, truth is upheld, and justice is carried out in the land. First thing is first, and then everything falls into place.

Conversely, when the most important thing is not given your attention, chaos ensues. The West claims it's Judeo-Christian, but it's been understood since the late 19th Century that God is no longer worshipped here. Look around you today; do you see it? The depression & anxiety? The social unrest? The criminal inequality? The society tearing itself apart? Plummeting birthrates? The West stopped paying attention to god and in its place, money, pleasure, and distractions rule supreme. Look at what dominates the attention of your populace, and it will soon make sense how the situation has become so dire.

How the Arabs took over the world - لا إله إلا الله

There is no god but Allah. La ilaha ila Allah لا إله إلا الله. An unwavering focus upon god raised up the Arabs from illiterate desert dwellers to the conquerors of Persia & Rome. The Romans & Persians had lost the plot, decadence had set in, and their attention wasn't where it should have been. There is a narration about the great Muslim warrior Khaled ibn Al Waleed where his companions learned he'd been scouting a Roman enemy camp of 60,000 soldiers alone; upon finding this out, his companions urged him to bring someone with him just in case, to which Khaled responded, "didn't you hear when The Prophetﷺ said, "The difference between the one who remembers Allah and the one who does not is like the living and the dead," how then can 60,000 dead harm one who is living??"

I swear to you by Allah; this is why Israel, with its advanced military might and American backing, is trying so hard to exterminate the Palestinian People. This is why the Western media and entrenched players never miss a mark to disparage Islam & Muslims. It is understood- those who truly believe in God and commit are unbreakable. The Judeo-Christian West has long abandoned the path of God, and it understands what that means. The fact that the Muslim world still submits to God infuriates them. Those who have abandoned God, who have paid attention to the wrong things, understand that they will never be victorious and that it is only a matter of time before those who have paid attention and honored God properly will emerge triumphant.

How to regain your focus

The media lied to you about COVID. They misrepresented the will of the people with Trump. Your government tells you there isn't enough money to fix your failing infrastructure, forgive student debt, or even fix the crisis in Flint, Michigan, and then turns right around and gives BILLIONS to Israel. Your national identity and can-do spirit have been hijacked by a corrosive individuality that has disunited your populace. Race relations are tense and inequality is getting to be unsustainable. Your birth rates are plummeting. History has demonstrated that in times of crisis, everyone's attention must be focused on the same thing to turn the tide.

Throw out everything you've been told about Islam, start anew, and do your own research. Islam has the answer to race problems, income inequality, gender wars, depression, and crisis of meaning. Your attention has been destroyed and atomized. What better remedy than to put the most important thing in the highest place? Consider the meaning of the word Islam; it simply means Submission to God. Imagine that, One Nation Under God. Sound Familiar?