Hypersexualization is stealing your higher mind

Considering most people are not OK with being drugged without consent, why then are most people OK with the hyper-sexualization everywhere around us? The ads, the content, social media, the music it constantly has an impact on our bodies & minds.

Hypersexualization is stealing your higher mind

This piece was originally published on my Twitter as a thread. A few people have asked me to memorialize it as an article for easier distribution, so here we are.

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Back in October I ran this poll on my Instagram

Clearly most people would not be happy being given a drug without their consent. Anyone who answered "no", I'd love to hear your reasoning.

Considering most people are not OK with being drugged without consent, why then are most people OK with the hyper-sexualization everywhere around us? The ads, the content, social media, the music it constantly has an impact on our bodies & minds.

Your brain is constantly responding to the sexual stimuli coming in, releasing neurochemicals & putting you in an excited state. Clouding your mind, and preventing you from focusing. This is the devastating byproduct of a hypersexualized society that's discussed. Everyone knows about porn addiction, ED, unrealistic expectations, but what about the distraction that comes from living in a hyper-sexualized world?

Sex is arguably the strongest motivator, across species. When you have sex on the brain it's safe to assume you're not engaging in higher thought.

You're not planning, weighing risks, prioritizing because constant exposure to sexual content has been shown to reduce grey matter in the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain that makes you human, and not just another animal.

And it's kind of not your fault, see we're meant to respond to stimuli, but not super stimuli. In 1970 Nobel prize winning biologist Niko Tinbergen discovered that Geese will ignore their own eggs in favor of a volleyball due to the size of the volleyball. To the geese, eggs are a stimuli, and the volleyball a SUPERSTIMULI. Basically a super-stimuli is a fake exaggerated version of a natural stimuli that elicits an exaggerated response. Like junk-food prompting people to over-eat.

Or like geese ignoring everything, including their real eggs in favor of the BIGG ROUNDD EGG. Enough Geese, back to humans. See where I'm going with this? We're meant to be naturally sexually stimulated. But the hyper-sexualized world we live in is a super-stimuli.

We're not built to be exposed to sexuality on this scale, and it is negatively affecting all of us. Old and young. Here's the thing though, anytime someone says this, the crowd will label them a religious fanatic as an excuse to ignore them.


The crowd says it is fighting for freedom against the religious oppressors. But think about it for 2 seconds & you'll blast this lousy reasoning to pieces. How free are you, if your critical thinking is constrained by hyper-sexuality foisted on you without your consent.

I just finished reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, in the book Huxley paints a picture of a Authoritarian Dystopia, but it isn't enforced by guns. In Huxley's Brave New World the rulers control people by pacifying them with drugs, entertainment, consumerism & sex.

In an odd twist of fate, almost 100 years after the rise of authoritarianism we're once again facing the possibility of a world where personal freedom and liberty are threatened.

But direct and overt force is felt, and therefore challenged. It's far more effective to control the masses through pleasure. A populace always drowning in pleasure can't challenge power & why would they it'd probably interfere with the pleasure chase.

Each and every single one of us can shape their environment, make things better and plant trees whose shade future generations will enjoy but none of us can do this if our higher thinking is constrained by hyper-sexuality or any other dopamine suck.

You're meant for so much more than chasing comfort. You're the literal product of a thousand generations, and they didn't all survive so that you could fall victim to a hyper-sexualization that's willing to ruin the best in you to just keep you consuming.

The human mind is a gift, used properly it can shape the world. Everything around us is the result of a focused stream of thought, it's up to us whether or not we want to focus the stream to cut through rock or content ourselves with infantile pleasure

No one wants hypersexuality for their family, their children and after reading this thread you shouldn't want it for yourself. Struggle against this enemy and overcome. There's much more beyond the empty pleasures surrounding us.

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